How is Global Women Leadership researched


Research 1 350

Cape of Good Hope in South Africa


6 continents of the world
1 country
5 international organisations
5 women leaders
1 full day's interview

One Country in each of the six Continents of the world, were chosen: Suriname, South Africa, Russia, USA, Australia and The Netherlands. In each Country, five women leaders working in international organisations were interviewed. Every interview took one full day. All the interviews were recorded on video and audio.



Women Leaders share their stories about their business careers and also related development in their personal life, some of which has never been shared before.



The interview is a search for answers for:

What made them successful and inspiring Women Leaders? What do these women really want, their ambition and their mission? What do these women want for their future, their environment and their organisations? How do they do this? How do they develop themselves and their organisations? What barriers did they come across and how do they deal with these? What are their beliefs about Global Women Leadership? What do they want to contribute to a better world and how do they do that? How do they want to contribute to the evolution of Women World Leaders? How could the world benefit from this?


Research 3 350

One of the Global Women Leaders is Karin Refos


The answers from different continents and cultures

give us information about similarities and differences

and a clear indications of what is happening globally.



This is the beginning of the global development

programme to further develop Women Leadership.



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