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Worldwide, there is an increasing focus on the relative low numbers of women in business and especially the low number of women business leaders. Discussions about women leadership often leads to a negative way of thinking, because of this, Global Women Leadership chooses to focus from the start on the power of women leaders today to inspire the women leaders of tomorrow.



Powerful women leaders have always been present in history and still are today;

Indira Gandhi | Prime Minister of India

Angela Merkel | Chancellor of Germany

Why Global Women Leadership 2

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Hillary Clinton | Minister Foreign Affairs of the USA

Dilam Roussef | President of Brasil

Julia Gillard | Prime Minister of Australia

Margaret Thatcher | Prime Minister of UK

Michelle Obama | First Lady of the USA



Global Women Leadership intends to generate maximum insight and understanding of leading business women. With these insights we will contribute to development and growth of GWL for a better future. And finally be a role model for global women leaders and new leadership.

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