GWL presents documentary and book

Book presentation GWL nov 2014

International speakers coming over from Belgium, Suriname and Australia, with professional music and an innovative music experiment, enthusiastic audience with great interest, many friends, family and fans of the first hour, we launch a special meeting, intensely inspiring for everyone involved "How Women Leaders Create The World".

Thank you Suzanne Kelder, Karin Refos Ruth Wijdenbosch, Han Wijns, Sandra Nieuwenhuijzen, Annalie Kilian and Marith Rebel-Volp "We Changed Tomorrow Today".

The world is open, there are lots of opportunities to make the world a little more beautiful and the desire to contribute to the development of New Leadership for a Better World is still on the agenda. It is a strong mission in me that leads me and my desire to continue working on a more conscious and better world. We only just begun, it is becoming clearer and the power is getting stronger.



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