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Dream Comes True!

AustralieSydney is the last journey of a World tour and really 2 days of travelling and a 10 hour time differences). Did fully enjoy working on interviews for the GWL book (incl. dvd). And And also impressed by all Aboriginal Art and history.


Your Leadership Days!

YLDTuesday, May 6, we have made a fantastic final day for the unique and powerful program Your Leadership Days! with a group of fourth-year students of excellence from various academies Avans University of Applied Sciences.



Guest speaker @ Symposium New Leadership - Avans University for Applied Sciences

GWL-Avans-Symposium 1New Leadership was the central theme on Friday March 7th.

I am grateful that I was allowed to contribute as a key note speaker.

We delivered 2 workshops and 2 YLD students.

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logo-UNOFPGWL met UNOFP United Nations Office for Partnerships in New York at Tuesday February 11th 2014.





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