GWL in book Dutch Economic Touch


Dutch Economic Touch 200In the first six months of 2013 is a dialogue started with the title Dutch Economic Touch by the representation of the European Commission with representatives from the Dutch society. 



First meeting Action Aid

Action aidFirst meetings started in September 2013 about possibilities for collaboration with Action Aid for example for our Change Tommorow Today Programme. We are working on creation of Role Model projects for New Leadership in collaboration with Action Aid. Action Aid does have valuable experience and knowledge.



Article GWL selected by European Commission

European commisionARTICLE from GWL is selected by European Commission for publication in their book.
The release of that book is on Oct 29th in The Hague in the House of Europe..
This article is about New Leadership and linked to the new agenda for the new European Economy. Europe does need new thinking, new insghts, and a new vision to step out of the economic and financial crisis.



International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

UN WomanAugust 9th 2013 : The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. Learn more about indigenous women and the work of a few of our grantees. Read the whole article Read more.




Presentation first book Global Women Leadership

 Josette Dijkhuizen Claudia ZwartJune 8th 2013 : The Dutch UN Representative 2013 Josette Dijkhuizen received the very first demo copy of the book Global Woman Leadership. Read the article (in Dutch) Read more.





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